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Things have continued going well since I posted my last entry.

On the academic front, things are going alright. My first semester back was awesome. This semester has been alright - I panicked and dropped a class at the first sign choppy waters but the others are going well. I'm in an odd position where I have several math and science requisite courses to do and a research seminar and capstone for my major because I dilly dallied and took courses that looked interested without keeping up with my advisor back in the day. I'm trying to ease my way back into math with Khan Academy and some old textbooks I found on Amazon.

I've got a lot lined up this summer. I'm going to get my tonsils taken out. I'm going on a camping trip "up North". Also, I'm moving.

The only really bad thing right now is my living situation. My apartment building's gotten worse and worse in the months since I've moved in. Someone destroyed all the dryers in the laundry room to steal the quarters. Another person peed in the elevator. Packages go missing from the lobby. I've got my eye on a lovely apartment building that used to be a hotel in the 1920's. It's got cameras everywhere and I'm hoping the higher rent makes for quieter nights and fewer missing packages.

Scumbag brain

"It's too hot and muggy to sleep."
"I can't sleep without a blanket, you know that."
"Hey, I think this is a good time to compare your accomplishments to those of your peers."
My Halloween:
-It rained all evening.
-I played a round of A Touch of Evil.
-Samhain party at the Celtic Studies department of my Alma Mater.
-I watched an episode of the Vampire Princess Miyu anime. It involved dolls. The VPM OVA was one of my gateway anime - I used to rent in at Hollywood video.
I suppose I should write something about my move. I've been in Milwaukee for two months, after all.

A lot of stupid little stuff went wrong around the time I moved. I had an expensive medical bill, for instance.

I thought my company's Milwaukee branch would welcome a guard with a year and a half of office security experience and letters of recommendation. Instead, I was given the run around - phone tag, re-filing paperwork I'd already done, and then stuck in a site that the guards snicker about because it's something of a purgatory to test out guards before moving them to better sites. To top it off, it's only 24 hours a week but the days(thurs-sat) would make it difficult to get a second job in security/bouncing/service industry.

During my recent stretch of years in Appleton(hometown, 70K population), I thought I was missing out on the fun stuff that must be going on big cities without really realizing how much my personality and hobbies have changed since I last lived in a big city. I'm used to it being dead quiet at night. Running on a wooded trail in the morning. Firepits. Camping trips in the summer. Orchard trips in the fall.

I wish I'd stayed in Appleton, paid down some debts, and done some travelling to sate my desire for variety.

I also have to figure out what I'm going to do, career/education-wise. I turn 30 in December, after all. :/

It's official. I've signed a lease in Milwaukee with my friend mag_the_great(and dogsbody thewordslinger) and am moving on August 1st.

I had one of those late night what-have-I-done moments while lying in bed the other night. I worried because the landlord insisted on we sign the lease right away even though my transfer at work isn't yet guaranteed. And about leaving my local friends(to live a whooping 1.5 hours away - a long distance according to my sleepy-logic). And other trivial matters.

But things are coming together. My siblings and I inherited a huge cache of rare coins that we've been turning a very nice profit off of. I'm selling some rare/old/unused Warhammer stuff and my online auctions are taking off. And then there was the poll on the front page of our local newspaper, telling me to get the hell out of the Valley. I'll take that as a sign.

May. 1st, 2013

It seems that every time I find an expense to cut, some other obligation that requires cash arises out of nowhere. It's quite maddening. I've kicked my retail therapy habit and still can't seem to get ahead. I do have some rare stuff to sell online - that should help pad the coffers before the move( which appears to be sometime in July at this point).

One the plus side, I've finally broken through the exercise/diet ceiling I hit back in December.

Apr. 18th, 2013

For some reason people have been trying to engage me in a phenomenon xamses once dubbed "secret white people time". "Hey bloodangel, doesn't it bother you that -contractor- has so many Mexicans working for them? I mean, I think they're illegals and there's tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment in that building." Am I giving off a vibe that suggests I'm receptive to this sort of talk?

I've been learning about China lately. I took a course on Chinese history last semester. This semester, I'm taking a course on Asian philosophy. I'm going to bring it full-circle this summer by reading Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

The Paranoid Parrot in me wants to clarify that the person in the dream I mentioned last month is not anyone who may be reading this via RSS.

Oh, and privacy-minded former Photobucket users who also use Facebook might want to log on and disentangle their account from the Facebook info that Photobucket helpfully grafted onto your account. Thanks to luinied for the heads up.

Expect friends-only ruminations in the near future. In the meanwhile, feel free to ask me questions?


I work forty hours a week while taking two courses and hitting the gym 2-3 times a week. It occurred to me that I may have become one of those busy people. Maybe even the flaky sort of busy person.

Last Saturday I triple-booked myself, which is very unlike myself. I flaked out on one event/person, left the second early, and was pretty tired/distant for the third. Thinking about it, I realized I'd done it just in case someone else cancelled out - better to flake than be flaked on, I guess. With that in mind I realized I would be a hypocrite if I continued to give Josephine the cold shoulder for flaking out of my birthday festivities so I talked to her for awhile.

I enjoy publicly-posting things that should probably be friends-only.